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Bangla today Current Affairs: 16th June 2020 Bengali today Current Affairs

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Bangla today Current Affairs

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Bangla today Current Affairs And English 16th June 2020

Bangla today Current Affairs

1. প্রতিবছর 16th  জুন "International Day of Family Remittances" পালন করা হয়। 

2. এই বছরের "International Day of Family Remittances" এর Theme ছিল "Building Resilience in Times of Crisis".

3. Indian Central Railway Zone যাত্রীদের উপর নজর রাখতে "CAPTAIN ARJUN" Robot লঞ্চ করল। 

4. সম্প্রতি "Multi Location Claim Settlement" সুবিধা লঞ্চ করল Employees Provident Fund Organisation(EPFO).

5. পাঞ্জাব সরকার "Ghar Ghar Nigrani" Mobile App লঞ্চ করল।  

6. "GermiBAN" নামক ডিভাইস টি লঞ্চ করেছেন G. Kishan Reddy.

7. "Aarogyapath" নামে National Healthcare Supply Chain Portal লঞ্চ করল The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

8. সম্প্রতি ভারত "Global Partnership on Artificial intelligence" এ প্রতিষ্ঠাতা সদস্য হিসাবে যোগদান করেছে।

9. ভারতের অ্যাটর্নি জেনারেল পদে পুনরায় নিযুক্ত হলেন KK Venugopal.

10. সম্প্রতি 78 বছর বয়সে প্রয়াত হলেন উত্তরাখণ্ডের প্রখ্যাত সঙ্গীতশিল্পী Heera Sing

English today Current Affairs

1. "International Day of Family Remittances" is observed on 16th June every year. 

2. The theme of this year's "International Day of Family Remittances" was "Building Resilience in Times of Crisis". 

3. Indian Central Railway Zone launches "CAPTAIN ARJUN" Robot to monitor passengers. 

4. The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) recently launched the "Multi Location Claim Settlement" facility. 

5. Punjab Government launches "Ghar Ghar Nigrani" Mobile App. 

6. G. Kishan Reddy has launched a device called "GermiBAN". 

7. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Launched National Healthcare Supply Chain Portal called "Aarogyapath" . 

8. India has recently joined the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence as a founding member. 

9. KK Venugopal has been re-appointed as the Attorney General of India. 

10. Heera Singh Rana, a renowned musician from Uttarakhand, has recently passed away at the age of 78.

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